New Site Setup

04 May 2020


It was time to create a new modern and maintainable site, I’ll be it a bit artisanal. I have been running linux as a hobby for many years and wanted to try BSD, thus the RUNBSD logo. For this post I will be documenting the process I went through and some of the links I used to help setup the domain and hosting for


Before getting started, I created an outline:

  • Register Domain Name
  • Find Hosting
  • Select Software, etc.
  • Decide Future Goals

Domain Name

Acquiring a domain name is very easy these days thanks to an abundance of registrars and available domain options. In this example, I will be using namecheap. I currently use them for some other projects and feel the support and easy interface offer an overall positive experience.

Domain Registrar - Namecheap


I found a hosting provider that offered BSD called Vultr. I had not heard of them before but found their interface to be very much like digital ocean.

Cloud Hosting - Vultr


For software I selected OpenBSD for the operating system. Since I wanted to learn it I thought this offered a good opportunity to do so. I knew that OpenBSD also had a builtin web server called httpd. To manage the design and content of the site, I used Jekyll. Jekyll is a static site generator. You give it text written in your favorite markup language and it uses layouts to create a static website.

Software list:



Let’s Encrypt



I used Vultr’s documentation for the main portion of the setup. I used Let’s Encrypt for https which proved to be a lot easier than I thought. - Introduction to Vultr DNS - How do I generate SSH keys - Creating a Simple Website with OpenBSD httpd - Let’s Encrypt for OpenBSD