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I help teams solve complex business problems with design.

About Me

I have a passion for helping companies create new products. I work across user testing, high level UX design, UI design, and prototyping to help teams design products that are easy to use. I help teams design successful and sustainable products.

I was previously at CAKE as a Lead UI/UX Designer. I was there for 2 years and joined as one of the first designers in Austin. Before I joined Sysco LABS, I grew the CAKE design team and designed multiple web and mobile products. Now, I work cross-functionally with teams investigating future business problems and inspire future product development. Curious about my background?

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I like to move fast and ship things. I communicate with users and leadership to figure out what products should be. I empathize with people to improve their experience. I design products that are on brand, easy-to-use and engaging.

  • Great products are usable through testing and iteration.
  • A successful design is one that is on brand and meets business goals.
  • Every project is an opportunity for innovation.
  • Move quickly and meet expectations.
  • Small agile teams are exciting.
  • Work with the best people I can find.


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