31 May 2020

Recently a new jailbreak was released for iOS/tvOS called Unc0ver. It’s been awhile since I experienced any modern jailbreaking as was fun in previous iOS versions. So I grabbed my old trusty iPhone SE and went through the steps to unlock my device. During this journey, I picked up some observations and opinions that I thought would be helpful to share.

📱 Get Unc0ver

Package Manager

There are a few different offerings when it comes to managing your installs. By default, Cydia is installed once you unlock your device. Cydia works, but it’s slow. When looking for alternatives I found Zebra which features a modern ui and its fast, check iy out!

🦓 Get Zebra


There seems to be no central place when it comes to finding and adding sources to get software. I thought it would be helpful to list out the ones I am currently using:

Need more repos? Checkout this great app!



There are a lot of themes and tweaks to explore once you get up and running. Currently, I am running iOS 13.1.3 on my iPhone SE, which I have found not every tweak works well. Here is a list of tweaks I am currently using, see below for some screenshots as well.

  • Artemis - Modify home screen, lock screen, status bar…
  • Axon - modify notifications
  • BegoneCIA - disable microphone and cameras
  • BetterCCXI - tweak to control center
  • BetterSettings - modify settings screen
  • DigitalBattery13 - modify battery in the status bar
  • FloatingDock - ipad style dock for iphone
  • Little11 - various system settings
  • Powercuff - throttle cpu to save battery
  • PowerModule - adds repspring, reboot options to control center
  • RealKeys - haptic feedback for keyboard
  • shuffle - modify groups on settings screen
  • SimpleLS 2 - lockscreen modifications
  • Snowboard - modify home screen, ie. rounded icons
  • Utubed - blocks ads on youtube
  • VolumePercent - adds a percentage to volume bar


Screenshots of my home screen, settings and tweaks.

I haven’t found too many resources when it comes to jailbreaking. For now I have relied on r/jailbreak on reddit. The community here is very vibrant and helpful. Its also a great place to see new requested features!

jailbreak subreddit